Flower Arranging – Ivanka Mcdonagh (Sydney Woman)

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Floral Arranging – Ivanka Mcdonagh SW – Sydney Woman

If you are a woman living in Sydney then you will know how beautiful and vibrant an arrangement of flowers can be, especially when arranging them in your own home to bring colour, texture and enjoyment to every room in your house. Not only will they bring life to your home but they will give you satisfaction in your own skills as a decorator. Sydney is one of the best places for flowers to thrive and here are a few tips that every woman living in Sydney should know when looking to dip their toes into creating beautiful and vibrant creations through flower arranging.


Sydney is known for its windy weather during winter and so making a tape grid at the base of your vase will help keep your flowers in place so that your arrangements stay visually appealing in the Sydney weather.


Furthermore, for a woman looking to add a little more brightness to their flower arrangement, adding fruit slices such as lemons or oranges to the outer vase can create a vibrant effect adding, even more, life to your flower arrangement.

You can also choose to go without a vase at all and grab a tray and lay it all out for an effortless look. This can be perfect as a gift or to simply highlight the beautiful flowers that Sydney offers.


One of the beautiful things about floral arranging is that they can come in all different shapes, sizes and looks and with all the different styles of homes in Sydney, there are all different ways to complement your home. So if you’re a woman who is known for having many kitchen containers you can even use some of the leftover pots and cups to create small intricate creations that can liven up your kitchen. But even if you are a woman who loves to go all out with their floral arrangements you can choose to go for a big arrangement, and something unique such as using a vase that goes taller than your flowers that will create an interesting look that visitors to your Sydney home will be drawn to.


As mentioned above, for a woman wanting to get into floral arranging there are many different types and sizes and it is up to you to find what suits your Sydney home or occasion whether it be a wedding or a party. It can be big, exuberant arrangement that has flowers overflowing the vase. It can be a jewel-like bouquet mixed with houseplants and begonia leaves creating a varied pattern and texture. You could even go for the long-stem look, where the stems fit the vase all the way up until the flowers overflow at the top creating a graceful look. There are many more different types of floral arrangements it is up to you to decide what fits your Sydney home.


For a woman looking to perfect the art of floral arranging, there are many classes and courses available in Sydney. Whether it be at the Sydney Community College, the Sydney Flower school, or the Flower Lane & Co workshop, there are many courses that can teach you how to arrange and style floral settings in Sydney.

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